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Barossa Gin School - Distiller for the Day Craft Gin Making Experience

For the Gin lovers who would enjoy making a bottle of their very own Craft Gin.

Each of our stations has a hand-made Italian copper still ready to be the foundation upon which to create your recipe.

Working with a clean base spirit allow yourself to be guided through the process of making not just any Gin!  

We'll be creating your Gin recipe from scratch.

Utilising some of the most popular botanicals used today, and some not so well known treasures. You’ll learn about the techniques we employ to craft our Gins, giving you the confidence to get hands on during session! We have plenty of different botanicals in our collection to play with and select from so there’s ample room to get creative. By the time you’re finished selecting, measuring and recording your recipe (with guidance from the team if required) you’ll be ready to lift the lid on the still.

We’ll sit down to a 3 course meal at The Eatery while the stills heat through and work their magic, mixing together all the flavours you’ve chosen. Once the stills release their freshly crafted Gin we can put the finishing touches to your labels.

We’ll measure and break back the spirit from still strength to bottle strength with pure water for a cleaner taste, ready for bottling.

Once bottled, the only thing left to do to your creations is affix the label and add a wax seal if desired.

And the best part? You’ll be proud to take home your very own personal Gin recipe, Hand Crafted and Hand Bottled by you!


* Individual Stations cater for one participant.

** Shared Stations cater for two participants to enjoy the experience together.

+1 Additional guests are welcome to join us for lunch only and can be added after hitting book now button.


What we can do

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corporate groups

We will provide your next corporate group gathering a lunch and gin making experiences at the Farm Eatery in the Barossa.

Spend time developing your Gin and leave it to distil whilst enjoying a meal in the restaurant.

we are flexible to align with the group needs including when the school is offered.


wedding bonboonierrie

give your wedding guests a gift with meaning. spend a saturday morning with you lover and our distiller to make a perfect recipe for your guests.

once you have perfected the recipe, we will produce and bottle your creation for you to give to your guests on the big day.

this is a great gift that will have your guests spoilt with a gin to say thanks.


gift vouchers

looking to give your special loved one a gift that they will remember?

purchase a Barossa Gin School voucher that can be redeemed for an interactive gin making class within 12 months. this is the perfect gift for the gin enthusiast, or that person who is difficult to buy for.

this is a hands on experience including lunch.


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